Fake Columns

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  • Difficulty (1-10): 2
  • Prerequisites: Two in one
  • Related Tricks: Yo-Yo

billi billert (demonstration)

     The Fake Columns is a variation of Columns (or more accurately the Two-in-one) in which one outer ball is moved by hand along the same horizontal level as the other. This creates a very cool effect, especially when used inside a normal Columns pattern.

    To learn the trick, it is best to start out juggling a Two-in-one with column throws, with a third ball sitting in your non-dominant hand. As you are about to make an outside column throw, start moving your non-dominant hand along with the thrown ball, making sure to keep them level. Once the thrown ball has dropped back to your hand, continue with the Two-in-one pattern.
    Use the regular Two-in-one part as a recovery period, and then do another fake. Keep practicing until you can do the Fake Columns constantly.

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